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1. Catastrophic failure. This document confirms that a natural gas explosion occurred twice -- on May 9, 1996 and May 16, 1997 -- at the Sempra power plant adjoining the high school property. It also shows that the monitoring system was not functioning there.

2. AQMD inspector photos at Venoco. These photos taken in March 2003 document why the facility was issued Notices of Violation for leaking equipment at the oil wells. (See AQMD Notices of Violation, May 2003).
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3. AQMD cancer risk for Venoco. The "gold standard" in cancer risk assessments is generally one in one million. That is, only one in every 1 million people will get cancer when exposed to a specific carcinogen over their lifetime. That is considered an "acceptable risk." By contrast, this document from the Air Quality Management District shows that the cancer risk from benzene at Venoco -- 117.1 per million -- exceeds the cancer risk for the rest of Los Angeles, which has the most polluted air of any region in the United States.

4. "Illegal and dangerous water to drink." This 1970 letter was written by the architect overseeing the construction at Beverly Hills High School, where the plumbing on the girls athletic field was installed incorrectly; the girls water fountain was hooked up "industrial" water used for the athletic fields.

5. Ireland letters: On page 2, under October 7, 2003, the Beverly Hills school district lawyer discusses the the "dual" role of the environmental consultant, who the students and teachers relied on for environmental testing at the school but who also was retained by the defense law firm as an expert witness.
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6. Keeler e-mail: February 6, 2003 discovery by AQMD inspector that the oil-and-gas operators are illegally "venting" waste gas on the high school athletic field. (Also Keeler email local file 4909)

7. Kenneth Peters October 1963 letter: troubles at the oil wells date back to 1963, when a transformer fire occurred.

8. SoCalGas Co: Confidential-Trade Secret shows how energy companies (in this case Southern California Gas Co, which is owned by Sempra Energy) refuse to turn over important information for the public to see about the chemical components of their products, such as natural gas. Here, the Air Quality Management District redacted key information at the request of the company, which cited proprietary reasons.

9. Radioactive iodine use at oil wells: This October 2003 letter from Christopher Bisgaard, the city of Beverly Hills defense lawyer in the toxic tort case, illustrates how the city for the first time acknowledges that Venoco, the oil well operator, and the school district agree to only use radioactive I-131 at the oil wells while students are not there during Spring vacation.
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10. 1974 Standard Oil letter: This letter documents that Standard Oil promised the city of Beverly Hills and its residents as much as $50 million in royalties if it could drill for oil at the high school.
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11. Tower of Hope You Don't Get Cancer: An editorial cartoon from the student newspaper, Highlights, Feb 28, 2003 (it's dated 2002, but that's a mistake).

12. Venoco AQMD investigation: April 2003 source testing of amine unit, showing high benzene emissions
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13. Central Plants Inc Toxic Air Contaminants report
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14. Emissions report for Venoco

15. Emissions report for Sempra

16. Phylmar draft report: first signs of trouble of indoor portable classrooms in1999; readings for benzene and formaldehyde are off the charts.

17.Chromium emissions from Sempra: Doctors are worried about their cars getting pitted.
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18. Fudging on fugitives: Venoco's creative computing, approved by AQMD, shows emissions being turned into nothing by way of 30-day averages.

19. Oil: Oil fields map of Los Angeles

20. Elevated cancer rates among Beverly grads. The epidemiology report, showing elevated cancer rates among graduates of Beverly Hills High School, by Boston University epidemiologist Richard Clapp, who is also the former chief of the cancer registry for the state of Massachusetts. Clapp's report shows an increased incidence for thyroid cancer, Hodgkin's disease and testicular cancer among graduates from1975 to 1999.
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